Story Time

Keeping Our Kingdom Konnected is a game-changing clothing line that debuted in 2017. It blends vintage classic looks with contemporary fashion trends. We are a black-owned organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana that caters to the fashion and basic needs of the Africa Americans in a bid to unite and care for our community.

Keeping Our Kingdom Konnected was inspired by the African American Studies major in college. After completing this course, our founders were convinced that starting this initiative to keep the black community united through all challenges. We seek to uplift black culture worldwide, to feel more empowered, and confident through fashion.

We have an immense talent-base that allows us to research and design fashion products that are tailored specifically for anyone who loves urban fashion, wants to stand with our community, and believes as well as supports our mission statement.

We utilize environmentally friendly production procedures to provide our clients with top-on-the market fashion designs at affordable prices. We pride ourselves in being your caring listening partner, as we take clients’ feedback seriously to improve our products and provide customized services.

We are not just a clothing line for black people, we go beyond the fashion limits by educating and uplifting African Americans. Powered by our company motto, “Keeping us konnected through it all”, we provide moral and material support to empower our brothers and sisters.